10 Questions with the Jersey Inferno Race Directors

Wejersey_inferno_feature are super excited to have John and Aaron Courain as this year’s Jersey Inferno race directors. We’ve asked them a few questions that we hope will help you plan for race day!

1. This is the Jersey Inferno’s third year, but it’s your first year as race directors. What can we expect to be different from prior years?

This year we are going back to the basics.  We have a lot more room to work with so we plan on keeping you moving forward always, you won’t be retracing steps and you won’t be revisiting a single transition.  Hopefully you’re going to get a great look at a really huge chunk of NJ at the Inferno.

2. NYARA’s course designers all seem to have a signature style — Olof loves hills, Rodney and Amy have lots of tricky navigation. What would you say is your style?

We tried to give navigators lots of route options. Not all of the points are super hard to locate but we definitely didn’t want an obvious loop to present itself in each section. Hopefully on race day we will be very surprised at the way different teams choose to attack this course. Go ahead and be creative navigators!

3. Is there anything special I need to know about this race that will make me more successful on race day?

Definitely be ready for a hot day. Don’t under estimate how much hydrating you’re going to need to do. Also get ready for some PTS (poison ivy/ticks/stickers).

4. Will this race include the normal disciplines: paddling, biking and trekking?

Paddling, biking, and trekking are all present and accounted for. Just add a ropes section and you’ve got the course. Old school, no gimmicks, perfect for the veteran racer and the newcomer.

5. What about swims or rappels?

No need to hold your breath you will only be going underwater if you fall out of your kayak.  The rappel will be professionally situated and perfect for all comfort levels. Don’t forget your gear!

6. Is there water on the course or do I need to plan to carry water for the full race?

There will be some water out there on the course that will need to be purified.  Potable water will not be an easy get, but you do have a chance to stow some water with your paddle gear so take advantage.

7. Is there an oasis box or opportunity to buy food on the course or should I plan to carry enough for the whole race?

Allamuchy is pretty devoid of snacks so make sure you pack for the day… and of course the paddle bag.

8. How tricky will the navigation be?

We’ve worked really hard to make sure these maps are perfect so there wont be a bunch of guesswork. If you can find a bearing and walk straight you should do well.

9. What about after the race — will there be food and awards?

Classic NJ Italian fare will be provided after the race, we’ve got plenty of swag for our finishers as well so be sure to stick around (I hear NAARS is providing some awesome trucker hats).

10. Any last minute tips, tricks or suggestions?


Thanks John and Aaron! We can’t wait to see what you have in store for us.

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