10 Questions with the Race Director of Hike-a-Thong


Are any of you doing Hike-a-Thong this weekend? Are you still thinking about it? Well, we asked Race Director, Denise Mast 10 questions that will give you more info about the race and hopefully convince you to do it!


1. Do you have to wear a thong?

You don’t have to wear a thong but you will be given one and we can hope that you carry it along with you in a show of thong solidarity. It makes a great neck gaiter or face muffler.

2. Considering the various polar vortices we have been subject to do you have any specific gear suggestions (i.e. poles, snowshoes, etc)?

Basically, dress in layers. Weather should be in the 30’s and there will be a good deal of hills along the way to keep your body temperature up. The trails are snow covered and it may be a good idea to wear Yak Trax or micro spikes. Unless it snows again before┬áSunday, snow shoes won’t be necessary. Everyone should also bring a working phone with them so they can call if they get lost.

3. Should racers carry food? how much?

Bring enough food/snacks/water for 6 hours whether you plan on being out that long or not. There are plenty of bail out options and shorter route choices so bring what you feel will be appropriate.

4. What about water?

Same as above

5. If I am the best hike-a-thonger out there what kind of prize can I expect?

The prize for the best hike-a-thonger will be something crazy valuable as evidenced by past NYARA prizes. It’s usually something that I find laying in the back of my truck.

6. Is this a good race for spectators?

Not at all. The Hike-A-Thong isn’t really a race as much as a fun hike/run. The participants will be out on various trails of their choice and spectators won’t be able to see them.

7. If I am new to hiking (and thong wearing) is this a good race for me?

Yes, again this isn’t so much of a race as it is a fun hike or run (depending on how fast or how far you want to travel).

8. Do I need strong orienteering skills for this race?

Nope – no orienteering skills will be needed as the hike/run will take place all on trails. Basic trail reading will be necessary. If you can follow trail blazes, you will be fine.

9. Is this a solo event or can I bring a teammate?

Of course. You can bring friends/family/the dog/whomever.

10. Do you have any last minute suggestions to make this race extra awesome?

Just come out and have fun. Again, no pressure to compete for time or prizes. Participants will have 6 hours total to hike around and be home in time for the big game.

Thanks Denise! For all of you who are still undecided, stop thinking and just register! Click here for details