NYARA is National: Race Reports from Across the Country (part 1)

Today we are excited to share two race reports: one from the east coast and one from the mountains in the west. The first is a report from Austin Planz and Chris Obara who raced in GOALS Cradle of Liberty and the second is from Chris Edmundson who raced the Ultra O-gaine in Colorado.

First up: 2015 GOALS Cradle of Liberty

Chris Obara and Austin Planz represented NYARA at GOALS Cradle of Liberty 24hr race.  The competition was fierce in the 2 person male category.  Despite coming in 3rd in that division, we were 2 points ahead of the 2nd place premier team. The first leg started off with an, I can’t believe I’m saying this, awesome paddle on the Susquehanna River.  Currents, islands, and actual navigation. The second leg was a fairly close quarters orienteering section around the Ned Smith Center.
Leg 3 started off with a suffer fest bike push up some power lines.  After that, it was a pleasant bike to the WALKING ONLY section of the course.  I saw a tiger take a shower on the Tobias Lake Wildlife Park orienteering section so it was pretty damn cool.

After what seemed like a random series of lefts and rights on the road we arrived at TA 6 and had to  hustle to get as many CP’s on foot before dark.  As we headed out it started to rain.  It rained really hard for most the night.  Ignoring the deluge, we started knocking off CP’s thru the thick undergrowth that seemed to target my shins.

Still raining, we took a few minutes under the tents at the TA (fire was a nice touch too) to switch over maps to the bike section.  Half way through section 6 we had to make a tough choice.  Up to now we have cleared the course.  Do we clear this section and leave ourselves open to others getting more points on the last orienteering section or go for clearing 6 out of 7 sections?  We choose the later.  We only had time to get 2 CP’s on the last section but we were one of three teams to clear 6 sections.

The effort put out by Abby and Brent was apparent and appreciated by all.  Great course!!

Congrats Austin and Chris. Great job!

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