Big News!

Team NYARA is excited to announce a brand new partnership with Montbell. For those of you who don’t know Montbell, it is an awesome outdoor gear and clothing company whose motto, “Light and Fast” speaks to the adventure racing community.


“Teaming up with Montbell America is an exciting opportunity for us, as we have been fans of Montbell’s apparel and gear for many years,” said Olof Hedberg, Captain of Team NYARA.  “We cannot wait to bring more awareness of the Montbell brand to the entire adventure racing community as it fits in with our philosophy of being “light and fast.””

“NYARA is a great partner for Montbell as adventure racing is one of the few sports that is exposed to all types of situations, extreme weather and terrain,” said Yusuke Igarashi, Marketing Manager for Montbell America. “We are excited to partner with NYARA as they are the perfect athletes in which to use Montbell’s high quality, ultra light gear.”

Montbell and adventure racing are really a match made in gear-lover’s heaven, so stay tuned for some great gear reviews!

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