2014 Jersey Inferno Results!!


A HUGE thank you to all the racers and volunteers who participated in this year’s Jersey Inferno. We also want to thank Mountain Creek for being a great host — who doesn’t love beer and burgers after a long day of adventure?


We had so much fun hearing your stories and feedback — we thought we should share a few quotes:

About the course:

“We have done several Spartan races and this was not just a level above — this was 3 or 4 levels harder”

“I’ve never seen so much adventure packed into such a short period of time”

“The rogaine section was my favorite section in an adventure race –EVER!”

About a bear…or two:

“As we approached CP E we saw a bear 50 feet in front of us — so we decided to circumnavigate and swim there instead. Once we were in the water we saw another bear poke his head up out of the water between us and the check point. The bears won — we never made it to CP E”

About the biking:

“This is the best biking section I have ever experienced in an adventure race — it was interesting the entire time”

“Blazing Saddles is worth repeating every year!”

We love to hear your feedback about what you liked and what you would change. Drop us a line, leave us a comment here on the blog or on the NYARA FaceBook page.


*we have made a couple of adjustments so standings might have changed


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